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Privacy Statement

Julian House is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy.
This statement describes how Julian House collects and uses personal information about people who engage with our businesses and/or visit our websites. The terms of this statement may change, so please check it from time to time. This statement was updated in May 2018 in line with changes in law regarding Data Protection & GDPR.

If you have any queries about this privacy statement, please contact the Data Protection Officer at Julian House,1 Kelso Place, Upper Bristol Road, BATH, BA1 3AU. or email


General privacy information
Your privacy while using our websites

1. General privacy information

Julian House is a group made up of two organisations;

The charity; Julian House

A subsidiary company; Julian House Trading Ltd. This company trades as:

In Bristol Julian House operates under a different name, See Change, in order that it is not confused with another local charity (Julian Trust).

Julian House is registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) and a full record of the types of data we collect and use data as a group can be found by visiting the Data Protection Public Register and searching for ‘Julian House’.

All personal data is collected and processed in accordance with UK legislation, including the Data Protection Act and Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations.

To help you understand how this legislation protects you, good information and advice is available on the Information Commissioner’s Office website.

Our commitment to your data

We primarily collect data in relation to the contract or relationship we have with individual Clients, particularly when it’s necessary to support their journey through our services. In the work that we do with our Clients and in the engagement, we have with supporters and funders, Julian House gathers personal data. We collect data to enhance our service quality; help us to tailor our services for training and resource allocation; to understand our supporters better and also help us to fundraise more effectively.

We want every interaction people to have with Julian House to be positive. In all areas of our work, we are committed to protecting your personal information, being open about what information we hold, ensuring that we only gather information as necessary and retaining it only for as long as we need to.

The statement applies to how Julian House – and any of its subsidiaries – collects and uses personal information you provide to us and that we collect, whether online, via phone, email, in letters or in any other correspondence or from third parties.

What information do we collect and how do we use it?
Julian House collects information in the following ways:

Information from third parties: We receive information about you from third parties and from the public domain. This may include information such as your name, postal address, email address, phone number, your geographic location, credit/debit card details, national insurance details and whether you are a tax payer so that we can claim Gift Aid. We, like all charities and companies, are able to confirm what browser you are using, IP address and computer operating systems that are being used and this information may be used to improve the services we offer. We do not buy, sell or swap data with third parties or other charities.

Information you give us: – when you sign up for a service, engage with our social media or message boards to make a donation to us, register for an event or otherwise provide us with personal information. When you register, we’ll ask for personal information, like your name, email address and telephone number to store with your account.

Information we get from your use of our website and digital services: We collect information about the services you use and how you use them, like when you watch a video on YouTube, visit our websites or view and interact with our ads and content. This helps us to understand your interests in our cause and information and to tailor our resources to be more focused on what supporters or Clients need.

Sensitive personal data

Data Protection law and the GDPR recognises that certain categories of personal information are more sensitive. This is known as sensitive personal data and covers health information, race, religious beliefs and political opinions.

Our main use for sensitive personal data will be to provide the services that we are commissioned to deliver and we will always make it clear to our Clients what sensitive personal data we are collecting, why we are collecting this data and what purposes we may use it for.

We may also collect sensitive personal data if you make the information public or if you tell us about your health and care experiences relating to the support we provide you (for example, if you agree to act as a case study for us or volunteer to share your story); however, again, we will always make it clear to you when we collect this information from you what the sensitive personal data we are collecting is, and what purposes we may use it for.

We will not collect sensitive personal data about non-Clients unless there is a clear reason for doing so. For example, to enable everyone to participate in a fundraising event or initiative, we may need this information to ensure that we provide appropriate facilities or support to enable your participation.

Website users

When you use our website, we collect data about the services and features you use and how you use them, including how you interact with its content and any advertisements.

When you provide your personal details when filling out a registration, making a donation, communicating with us or signing up for or receiving a service on our website, we will collect this data and store it in your record so as to fulfil your request, answer your enquiries and keep a record of our correspondence with you.

Our website uses cookies. Cookies are files which are sent to the computer or device through which you access this website, and they collect small amounts of data. They are used to store information about such computer or device and your preferences so that our website doesn’t have to keep asking you for them. We use cookies on Julian House’s website as follows:

The form used for the Julian House Supporter Newsletter will collect data – such as your name, email address and postcode – that will allow Julian House to personalise all correspondence with you.
To allow us to collect statistical and performance data about how the website is used. We may collect geolocation data about your geographic location, the mobile device that is used and to confirm what browser you are using, and computer operating systems that are being used. This data doesn’t contain any identifiable information about people. We use this data to improve the functionality of our website and ensure you have a good experience when browsing it.
Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pixel cookies are used to collect data about which sections of the website are accessed by people who are registered users of these social media services. These service providers collect this data, which then allows Julian House to reach new audiences. Julian House only has access to aggregated data from these companies, not identifiable personal information.
When a supporter creates a Facebook Donate page, we will store the data about the donation and who sent it, but will not contact that donor with any marketing other than as otherwise expressly permitted hereunder.
When you use social media
When you view information published by Julian House using social media hosted across various platforms, we will collect and receive information that provides aggregate data relating to items such as video views, demographics and location data. Sources of this data may include:

Identifiable personal information about people who access these platforms is collected in order to allow Julian House to reach and market new audiences.

Your choices

From January 2018 Julian House & Julian House Trading will ask its supporters to “opt-in” for marketing communication by email and / or to opt-out of postal communications. At the time this statement was written Julian House does not collect data for SMS or telephone fundraising.

Marketing does not just mean offering things for sale, but also includes news and information about:

our charity and the vital projects we runs
volunteering opportunities and how you can help support Julian House
appeals, fundraising and our fundraising events
products and services from the Bike Workshops
leaving a legacy
This means that you have a choice about whether or not you wish to keep hearing from us. You can change your marketing preferences at any time by contacting us at Admin Office, Julian House, 1 Kelso Place, Upper Bristol Road, BATH, BA1 3AU, email, or telephone 01225 354650.

Use of Credit and Debit card information

Financial transactions relating to our website and services are handled by our payment services providers, such as Paypal. We will share transaction data with our payment services providers only to the extent necessary for the purposes of processing your payments, refunding such payments and dealing with complaints and queries relating to such payments and refunds.

How you can access and update your information?

The accuracy of your information is important to us and you have the right to ask for a copy of the information we hold about you (for which we may charge a small fee) and to have any inaccuracies in your information corrected. Please contact us at Admin Office, Julian House, 1 Kelso Place, Upper Bristol Road, BATH, BA1 3AU, email, or telephone 01225 354650.

Under 16s

Julian House is concerned to protect the privacy of children aged under 16 whether engaging in services or through events or other fundraising. Some of our websites, such as The Colour Fun Run and Big Bath Sleep-out, have specific rules about how children under 16 can take part in our events. Where appropriate we will seek consent from a parent or guardian before collecting personal information about a child aged under 16 and will never use their information for marketing purposes.

How do we protect personal information?

We take appropriate measures to ensure that the personal information disclosed to us is kept secure, accurate and up to date and kept only for so long as is necessary for the purposes for which it is used.

Will we disclose the information we collect to outside parties?

In order to carry out some of the activities listed in ‘How do we use this information?’, we may pass your information to our service providers, agents and associated organisations. An example of this use would be the mailing service that we use to deliver our postal newsletter. When we use third party service providers, we disclose only the personal information that is necessary to deliver the service and we have a contract in place that requires them to keep your information secure.

We will not sell or rent your information, including web browsing activity (see our Cookie Policy) to third parties and will not share your information with third parties for marketing purposes.

When you are using our secure online donation pages, your donation is processed by a third party payment processor, who specialises in the secure online capture and processing of credit/debit card transactions. If you have any questions regarding secure transactions, please contact the payment processor.

We may also need to disclose your information if required by law (for example to government bodies and law enforcement agencies) or if we have your permission to do so. We may transfer your personal information to a third party as part of a sale of some or all of our business and assets to any third party or as part of any business restructuring or reorganisation


Our websites may include links to websites run by other organisations. Julian House is not responsible for the privacy practices of these other websites so you should read their privacy statements carefully.

2. Your privacy while using our websites
How do we collect information?

We obtain personal information from you when you enquire about our activities, register with us, send or receive an e-postcard, make a donation to us, ask a question about our services or otherwise provide us with personal information. We may also receive information about you from third parties, for example from our service providers or from a friend who wants to tell you about our websites or the fundraising activities we carry out.

We also gather general information about the use of our websites, such as which pages users visit most often and which services, events or facilities are of most interest. We may also track which pages users visit when they click on links in Julian House emails. We may use this information to personalise the way our websites are presented when users visit them, to make improvements to our websites and to ensure we provide the best service for users. We only use aggregated or anonymous information which does not identify individual visitors to our websites.

Do we use cookies?

Please refer to our cookie policy for details of how we use cookies and the type of cookies served through our web sites.

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